Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Saathiya: Meera wants to expose Karan in front of Dharam. Karan has got obsessed with Meera. Meera gets annoyed seeing her name tattoo. Karan forces her to come with him, and leave Dharam behind. Meera refuses to him. Karan hurts Meera. He shows his psychotic side. He asks Meera to come with him if she wants Dharam alive. Meera tells him that Dharam is brave and will not let him succeed. Karan plans to kill her family and take her away. Karan calls goons to kill Dharam. He wants to unite with Meera.



After Avni’s birthday celebrations, Avni receives a shocking news. Amol has drunk poison to end his life. Amol does not value his life. He hates himself for becoming a reason of Aisha’s death. Avni gets a huge shock on knowing about Riya and Amol’s fight. Neil, Riya and Avni take Amol to the hospital. Riya and Amol had a fight over Dayavanti. Riya feels guilty for Amol’s state. Riya says I should have not said bitter things to him in anger, but trust me I did not wish him to do such a thing. Neil consoles Avni. Doctor treats Amol and asks them to inform police. Neil finds Avni much worried.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Dadi takes a pledge to get Kirti married before Sawan ends. Kirti gets a proposal. Naira and Dadi reach the temple. They don’t come across the prospective groom and his family. Naira hears the family planning to use Kirti as the key to richness. The family wants to get related to Goenkas and talk as doing a favor on Kirti by accepting her. Naira understands the family wants to take huge dowry to accept a divorcee. She realizes their true intentions and exposes them in front of Dadi.


Ishqbaaz will bring a romance and love package. After the cake holi, the Ishqbaazs’ will be seen having a pool party. The girls run away from the boys after the cake smearing. Anika falls in Shivay’s arms. They have an eyelock. Ragini comes there and gets jealous seeing them. Gauri acts and pushes Anika towards Shivay. She acts of neck sprain. Bhavya then acts of foot sprain. Anika realizes their plan and says even I have got foot sprain. Dadi orders her grandsons to lift their partners and take them to the room. The girls fool them and push the boys inside the pool. They laugh on the boys. The brothers stay cool and swim in the pool, showing they are enjoying in the waters.


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