Soumya to take Tarana avatar in Shakti


Soumya finds it tough to stay without her identity. Harman gets shocked seeing Soumya as kinner Taran. Soumya says I m not Soumya, I m Tarana. Harman gets angry on her. He asks her did she go mad. He asks her why did she leave home and come to kinner’s place. The kinners stop Harman. Soumya asks why did he not tell everyone that she is a kinner and accept her in front of society. She wants to get her identity, as she is not ashamed that she is a kinner.

Harman did not agree to her. Harman tells her that wherever she goes, he will find her. She says this is my house, my world. Harman is already going a lot to secure her life. Kinners support Soumya. They all want Harman to agree to Soumya’s demand. They tell Harman that there is no Soumya here, we have just Tarana. Harman refuses to leave without Soumya. Saaya says then we have to call police, and truth will come out anyway. Saaya asks him to stand by Soumya’s identity. Harman leaves from there. He goes to Soumya by the window and kidnaps her to sketch his love story. He reminds that his love started with kidnapping. Harman takes Soumya home. Soumya is annoyed with him. Will Harman win Soumya’s trust? Keep reading.


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