Anjali to stop Sanjana’s roka in Sasural Simar Ka


Everyone celebrates Sanjana and Sameer’s Roka. The family performs with the couple. Sameer is very happy with Sanjana. Anjali gets a proof and tells the family that Sameer was giving his passport to someone. She says Sameer is fraud, he is cheating Sanjana. She shows the video and tells some story. She has an envelope to bring his truth out. Anjali fails to prove anything. Anjali stops the roka, which angers Simar.

Anjali misbehaves with Sanjana. She says Sanjana is an outsider, she is not Simar’s daughter. Simar scolds Anjali and tells her that Sanjana is her daughter, she belongs to this family. She asks Anjali how can she be so selfish to ruin Sanjana’s life. She says I don’t think you are my daughter. Simar slaps Anjali and asks her to leave. Simar does not want Anjali to spoil the celebrations. Anjali leaves from the function. The roka function is resumed. Anjali gets heartbroken and feels lonely. Pari and Ananya tell Mata ji that Roshni is present here, we should also make her do the rasam. Mata ji asks Roshni to do the rasam. Ananya takes the video of Roshni, to send to Piyush. She wants to show Piyush that Roshni works as maid in their house.


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