Anika to become Shivay’s Biwi No. 1 in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Pinky have a confrontation yet again. Anika tells Pinky that she did big mistake to listen to a woman who could not sense her son’s real happiness. She regrets that Shivay has a mum like Pinky, who wants to ruin his happiness and trouble him. Pinky blackmails Anika for telling the illegitimacy truth to Shivay. Anika asks her to go ahead and tell Shivay, and then see how she loses Shivay herself. She asks Pinky to atleast turn into a mother. Anika throws an open challenge to Pinky that Shivay will get her back home with all the respect. Anika does not want to repeat her mistake again.

Rudra suggests Anika to make Shivay jealous. Anika does not know what to do. Rudra suggests her his plan to make Shivay angry young man like before. Anika takes an appointment from Samar. She goes and meets Samar, while Shivay follows her to see the guy. Anika makes the official meet look like a date to Shivay. Shivay gets angry and breaks things in his room. Anika gets glad seeing Shivay getting affected. Anika tests his patience. Shivay gives up seeing her new avatar and flirty talk. Anika plans to become Shivay’s Biwi No. 1.


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