Bebe to defend Avni-Neela in Naamkarann


Bebe praises Avni and Neil’s pairing. She asks them to always be together. Neil cheers up Avni. Ali gets jealous seeing them. Avni feels upset by Shweta’s words. Riya meets Shweta and asks her to throw Avni out of her house. She instigates Shweta against her. Avni gets in a dilemma. She wants to go away from Neil, but worries for Bebe, who has much hopes from her. She decides to stay back for Bebe’s sake. She does not expect anything from Neil. Riya tells Shweta that Avni is Ashish’s illegitimate daughter. This affects Shweta a lot. Riya tells her that Avni knows black magic and she has used it on Neil. Riya asks Shweta to get rid of Avni. Riya tells how Avni brought a storm in their lives. Shweta agrees with Riya. She plans to confront Neela and insult both Neela and Avni in the party. On the other hand, Amol blames Dayavanti for ruining their lives. Riya tells him that Avni is responsible for all this. She angers Amol by his bitterness. She tells Amol that he is also responsible for Dayavanti’s destruction. Amol gets depressed.

Avni tells Neil that she will not go leaving Bebe. Neil gives her freedom to decide for her life. He feels she is staying back only for Bebe. He asks her if she is doing a favor on him. Avni and Neil celebrate with family. Shweta tries to insult Neela and asks about Avni’s real mum. Neela does not lose her cool. She stops Avni and Neil for intervening. She answers Shweta honestly. Shweta’s step hurts Maddy. Bebe teaches a lesson to Shweta, reminding her rights on the house and business. Bebe reprimands Shweta for questioning others for their past. She asks Shweta to recall her past first, before asking others.


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