Shivay to get engaged to Ragini in Ishqbaaz


Anika and Shivay argue over the room. She is glad seeing his attitude back. She asks him if he was following her. Shivay says I know you have moved on, you have got engaged. He taunts her for changing overnight. He does not want real Anika. He gets appointed seeing her wearing such deficient clothes. Anika angers him. He asks her not to wear such clothes. She tells him about her boyfriend. He gets angry and injures himself. She worries for his wound. He says I got hurt three months before and now nothing hurts me. Anika gets upset and guilty.

Rudra asks Anika to make Shivay more jealous. He makes another plan. Shivay gets the details of Anika’s boyfriend. He goes to meet Rohit. He gets to see Rohit, and gets to know Rohit is a middle class sweetmaker. Rohit tells Shivay that he is Anika’s childhood friend. Shivay realizes Anika’s fiance is someone else. Rudra puts everyone at work. They all make a plan against Shivay. Rudra irritates Shivay. Shivay keeps an eye on Anika. She senses him around and makes him jealous by her talk with her boyfriend. She slips with a perfect time to fall in his arms. Anika tells him that she is going to meet his fiance on a dinner date. She asks him not to wait for her at night. Shivay realizes everyone is trying to change him. He asks them to welcome his would be fiancee Ragini. Anika gets a huge shock hearing this. Shivay declares his engagement with Ragini. None gets happy except Pinky. Ishqbaaz will be one hour from 10th July 2017.


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