High Five Spoilers

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Omkara and Rudra are supporting Anika. They want Shivay and Anika to patch up. They see Shivika fighting about Ragini. They have a moment. Rudra says nothing can happen of them. Omkara says we should get in between now. The brothers stop Shivay from fighting. Meanwhile, Pinky supports Ragini, who is dreaming to marry Shivay. She tells Shivay that she has told truth to Siddharth, but he did not believe her. Ragini cooks a story and shows a fake video that her boyfriend has beaten her up again. Ragini takes his sympathy and hugs him. Anika sees Ragini and Shivay. Ragini tries trapping Shivay in her love. Shivay and Anika also get together to get Omkara and Gauri together. Everyone is helping out each other. Pinky wants to use Ragini and make Anika out of the house.

Maharaj Jai Singh is under Kroor Singh’s control. He slaps Chandrakanta. Chandrakanta tells him that he is not in his senses, Kroor Singh gave him some magical herbs and controlled his mind, he is a fraud. Maharaj says you meet Virendra by hiding and you are calling Kroor Singh a fraud. He warns her not to meet Virendra else he will kill him. He fixes her marriage with Kroor Singh. She supports Virendra. She tells him that if Virendra dies, everything will get ruined here. She gets informed about the war. She says this will be good, this marriage will be postponed by this for some days, Virendra will come back, everything will get fine.

Devsena takes the challenge and enters the Aryavarth. She asks Varundev to compete with her. She chooses Varundev from all the Aryans. She tells Purohit ji that she is chosen for the battle. She does not say she is the princess of Dravidian clan. Devsena and Varundev start preparing for the war, while they fall in love. The show will soon take a leap.

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There is high voltage drama. Arjun and Saanjh are blamed for Maya’s death. Lawyer says Arjun never loved Maya and tortured her, he has killed her and even his child. Arjun shouts its a lie. Lawyer says Arjun and Vandana together attacked Maya, Vandana pushed her down the stairs, Maya had a miscarriage, this man has raised hand on Maya even in hospital. Saanjh is blamed to support Arjun. Lawyer asks Saanjh why is she having a relation with a married man, she would be called a mistress.

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahin:
Prem and Tejaswini get stuck in the jungle. The jungle men catch them and say we will sacrifice you two at night. Prem asks them to take Teja and leave him. The people catch Teja and take her to sacrifice her life. Tej shouts for help.

[youtube id=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmAQmN-91PU]

Mere Angne Mein:
Shanti is very angry and slaps Nimmi. Aarti cries seeing Shanti’s anger. Shanti gets rude towards them. Aarti and Nimmi cry. Raghav comes home. Shanti tells him that Nimmi has got a love letter, this is the result of keeping a divorcee home. Raghav says I pity on your thinking, if any random guy throws letter for Nimmi, will you blame Aarti for this, what is her mistake. Raghav supports Aarti. Shanti gets more angry.She asks Aarti to take her bags and leave from here, if anyone thinks I can accept a bad character girl as my bahu, its wrong, I will not regard her my bahu. Shanti will learn Golu’s love for Nimmi. A new story will begin in Shanti Sadan.


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