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    Star Plus Quick Sneak peek of Top 2 Prime Hits

    Ishqbaaz: Anika and Shivay argue over the room. She is glad seeing his attitude back. She asks him if he was following her. Shivay says I know you have moved on, you have got engaged. He taunts her for changing overnight. He does not want real Anika. He gets appointed seeing her wearing such deficient clothes. Anika angers him. He asks her not to wear such clothes. She tells him about her boyfriend. He gets angry and injures himself. She worries for his wound. He says I got hurt three months before and now nothing hurts me. Anika gets upset and guilty.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Suwarna waits for the parcel. She does not want Naira to know about it. By fate, Naira receives the parcel. She insists Suwarna to open the parcel and see. Dadi stops Naira. She asks Naira not to force Suwarna for checking the parcel. Dadi taunts Suwarna’s Maayka people. Kartik gets angry seeing Naira bonding with Suwarna. Suwarna recalls her son and cries out her pain. She can’t even tell this secret to Manish. She hides the parcel from Manish. She acts normal. Manish gifts her a beautiful necklace and surprises. He thanks her for her forever support. Suwarna thanks him for the gift.

    Dil Boley Oberoi:

    Buamaa accepts that she is giving slow poison to Omkara. She decides to kill Gauri, as she is no use to her now. She tries to strangulate Gauri. Omkara reaches there in nick of time and saves Gauri. Omkara gets to see everything and hears the complete truth. Buamaa tries to make a story to put blame on Gauri. Omkara tells Buamaa that he has heard their conversation. He asks Buamaa not to lie anymore. Buamaa’s true face gets revealed to him. Omkara tells Jhanvi that Buamaa did. He feels Buamaa’s intentions were so wrong. Jhanvi feels sympathetic towards Buamaa. Omkara does not want to give another chance to Buamaa. He goes and sees Buamaa’s madness. Buamaa still hopes Ratan will come. He feels sad seeing her. Omkara tries to explain her that Ratan will never come back now. Buamaa collapses much to his shock.


    Bebe praises Avni and Neil’s pairing. She asks them to always be together. Neil cheers up Avni. Ali gets jealous seeing them. Avni feels upset by Shweta’s words. Riya meets Shweta and asks her to throw Avni out of her house. She instigates Shweta against her. Avni gets in a dilemma. She wants to go away from Neil, but worries for Bebe, who has much hopes from her. She decides to stay back for Bebe’s sake. She does not expect anything from Neil. Riya tells Shweta that Avni is Ashish’s illegitimate daughter. This affects Shweta a lot. Riya tells her that Avni knows black magic and she has used it on Neil. Riya asks Shweta to get rid of Avni. Riya tells how Avni brought a storm in their lives. Shweta agrees with Riya. She plans to confront Neela and insult both Neela and Avni in the party.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Aaliya gets a surprise when she meets her college friend Nikhil. She introduces Nikhil to Adi. Aaliya feels upset on getting cornered. Aaliya and Nikhil sit chatting, leaving Adi somewhere. Ishita and Ruhi discuss the problem troubling Pihu. Ruhi cheers up Ishita, relieving her worries. Ishita tells about Adi and Aaliya enjoying at the pub. Adi makes a sad face and hears Aaliya and Nikhil’s conversation. Nikhil gets much drunk. Adi and Aaliya help him out. Pihu gets punished at school for carrying a mobile. PRuhi gets to see Pihu crying. Pihu tells Ruhi how the students are troubling her. Ruhi goes to talk to her teacher. Ruhi proves that the mobile is not of Pihu. Ruhi understands a girl is intentionally troubling Pihu.


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