Neil to support Avni’s family in Naamkarann


Amol recovers after his suicide attempt. He stays depressed and is still troubled by life. He takes a gun and points at himself to shoot. Neil stops Amol. He asks him to see Avni, who has done all this to save his life. He counts Avni’s sacrifices. Neil takes a decision to get Riya and Amol home, as they can’t stay alone and can’t go to Nanno’s house. Neil knows Amol changed a bit. He wants Amol to be with Avni.

Neil and Avni get Riya and Amol home. They don’t get a good welcome. Shweta gets angry seeing Riya and Amol. He taunts them and says this house is Dharamshala, we will get more of Avni’s relatives. Shweta says we will go to airport and ask Avni’s relatives to come here, as we have a big heart and big house. Shweta does this to make Bebe angry. Bebe gets angry on Shweta, not Avni. She scolds Shweta and takes Bebe’s side. Bebe says Avni got Maddy and Kareena and accepted us by heart, then why will we not accept her relatives, we will let Riya and Amol stay here.


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