Chakor learns Suraj’s plans in Udaan


Chakor has got punishment to wash Suraj’s car. She says Suraj is troubling me now, as I have troubled him. Imli says you both always fight, you are similar. Suraj says you did not believe me, so you have to do this. Chakor was feeling guilty. Suraj gets fun by troubling her. Chakor says I m glad that I got Suraj back, I m not worried for Ragini. She asks Imli what happened to her. Imli says I would have killed Ragini if I could, but I don’t want to land in jail. Imli hides hat she has made Ragini escape from prison. Imli helps Chakor in washing the car. Suraj comes and asks Chakor why is she taking Imli’s help.

Chakor sends Imli. Chakor asks Suraj to see his car, its clean and ready. Suraj asks her to check again. She says I got this wine bottle from the dicky. He asks her to see the windscreen, its not clean. She thinks how did it happen. Suraj throws the sand on the glass and troubles her. She cleans the car again. He asks about inspector Ajay and angers her. She says I m not letting Ajay come close. He asks her to tell Ajay that she loves just Suraj. They have a cute argument. She throws water on him. Suraj also throws water on Chakor. They have a romantic moment. Suraj and Imli make fun of Chakor.

Imli asks her not to trouble Chakor more. He tells his planning why all this drama is happening. He says I love Chakor a lot, I m not angry on her, I like when she fights with me, I will stop Ajay from getting close to Chakor. Imli asks Suraj is his mischief over. He says yet not, she has to do many things, she also has to clear my name in front of Ajay, she has to tell Ajay that we both love each other. He says I have forgiven her and just teaching her a lesson. Chakor hears them talking and gets angry on Suraj. Chakor thinks to teach him a lesson.


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