Omkara and Gauri to reconcile in Dil Boley Oberoi


Buamaa accepts that she is giving slow poison to Omkara. She decides to kill Gauri, as she is no use to her now. She tries to strangulate Gauri. Omkara reaches there in nick of time and saves Gauri. Omkara gets to see everything and hears the complete truth. Buamaa tries to make a story to put blame on Gauri. Omkara tells Buamaa that he has heard their conversation. He asks Buamaa not to lie anymore. Buamaa’s true face gets revealed to him. Omkara tells Jhanvi that Buamaa did. He feels Buamaa’s intentions were so wrong. Jhanvi feels sympathetic towards Buamaa. Omkara does not want to give another chance to Buamaa. He goes and sees Buamaa’s madness. Buamaa still hopes Ratan will come. He feels sad seeing her. Omkara tries to explain her that Ratan will never come back now. Buamaa collapses much to his shock. Omkara sends Buamaa for her treatment. Omkara recalls the number of times Gauri saved his life. Buamaa decides to return to their lives to take revenge.

Omkara realizes his mistake and asks Gauri to stay back, he wants to know the real Gauri. He apologizes to her. Gauri tells her decision of returning to Bareilly. Omkara does not let her go. He asks her to give him one chance to know her. Gauri scolds Omkara for always insulting her. Omkara gets to see Gauri’s true side. He takes all his words back. He convinces Gauri to live with him.

Rudra gets upset that Bhavya has used him in her mission to catch the gangster. Commissioner thanks Rudra for his help. Rudra goes through a heart break. Commissioner and Bhavya apologize to Rudra. Rudra goes home. Bhavya tells her senior that she didn’t find the real locket, which contains the evidence against the gangster. He asks her to return back to Oberoi mansion and workout her task with Rudra, till she gets the locket back. Rudra gets surprised seeing Bhavya home. She tells him that she has to stay with him for her work. Rudra gets disappointed with her. Bhavya requests him to cooperate.


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