Suwarna to upset Kartik in Yeh Rishta…

YRKKH: Twisted!! Suwarna to repeat Naira's mistake

Suwarna waits for the parcel. She does not want Naira to know about it. By fate, Naira receives the parcel. She insists Suwarna to open the parcel and see. Dadi stops Naira. She asks Naira not to force Suwarna for checking the parcel. Dadi taunts Suwarna’s Maayka people. Kartik gets angry seeing Naira bonding with Suwarna. Suwarna recalls her son and cries out her pain. She can’t even tell this secret to Manish. She hides the parcel from Manish. She acts normal. Manish gifts her a beautiful necklace and surprises. He thanks her for her forever support. Suwarna thanks him for the gift.

Kirti feels bad of Dadi’s promise to Baisa. Kartik asks Kirti not to worry and tell him if she has any work. Kirti asks him to give time to Naira. Dadi thinks to hunt for a nice groom for Kirti. She does not tell anything to Kirti.

Suwarna gets her brother’s message. Naira finds her upset and cheers her with a chocolate cake. Kartik sees Naira and Suwarna together again. Kartik asks Naira not to bond with Suwarna, she is a big cheat. He gets upset with Naira for going against him. Naira asks him not to avoid relations by hatred. She apologizes to Kartik. He asks her not to take Suwarna’s side. He warns Naira for being away from Suwarna. He asks her to choose between him or Suwarna. Naira gets worried. Kartik’s mood spoils seeing Suwarna around Naira at the breakfast table. He leaves for office without meeting Naira. Naira feels she has many responsibility on her shoulders. She hears Dadi going to meet a guy to fix Kirti’s marriage.


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