Naira to consider Naksh-Kirti’s alliance in Yeh Rishta…

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

Dadi has hurried things and made Kirti upset. She calls the groom’s family at the temple, where everyone is present. The family gets exposed that they want to have this marriage done for money. Dadi says we understood what you wanted. Naira says police will see you. Naira explains Dadi to take decision for Kirti’s happiness, than being adamant to win any challenge. She asks Dadi not to keep Kirti’s life on stake. Kirti does the puja in the temple along Naira and family. Naira will work as the jodi maker for Kirti and Naksh. Kirti and Naksh do the aarti together. Naira gets glad seeing them, and thinks to unite them.

Dadi wanted to fix Kirti’s alliance in the temple on that same day, but Dadi did not expect Naksh and Bhabhimaa to be present there. Naira gets surprised seeing Naksh at the temple, as he stays in Krishna during those hours. Naksh also has feelings for Kirti. He sees her in trouble and runs to save her. Naksh holds Kirti’s dupatta when it’s about to catch fire by diyas. Naira thinks Dadi will agree to Naksh and Kirti’s alliance, as Dadi knows their family well. Dadi and Dadi see Naksh and Kirti together.


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