Aarambh – Devsena to battle Varundev


Devsena has proved her prowess in the battle organized to test the best of warrior skills in Dravid Rajya. None could stand up close to Devsena’s skills. She has been trained for the battles since her childhood. She holds anger and hatred for Varundev, who is responsible for her dad’s death. She had to helplessly kill her dad Aravamudan, after Varundev sympathized with him in the war grounds, feeding him the water, which has cost his life. Devsena now wants just revenge from Aryavarth. Hahumaa declares a one on one war, to prevent more destruction for both the armies. Aryavarth and Dravid Rajya agree for the single man battle, only to reach the conclusion sooner.

Devsena is sure of her victory, while Hahumaa fears Devsena’s death will be the end of Dravid clan. Devsena proceeds to challenge Varundev for the war. AgniPurohit blesses Varundev for victory. He asks Varundev to win the battle and establish their clan on the pure lands of Sapt Sindhu. Varundev and Devsena battle, unknown that this war will unite their hearts. Both are them are undefeatable. Varunden and Devsena fall in love with each other, knowing they are enemies. Where will their love story’s Aarambh take them? Keep reading.



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