Adi loses his cool by Aaliya’s blunder in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita wants to take the entire family for Raman’s launch. Mrs. Bhalla feels Shagun’s felicitation is a disgusting idea. Shagun stuns Mani by her looks. Mani likes Ishita’s idea to honor Shagun. Shagun finds herself deserving for the award. She gets excited. Aaliya meets Adi at his office to end his annoyance. Adi asks her to spend time with Nikhil. She apologizes to him. Adi forgives her. The two spend the evening. Aaliya surprises him by a romantic date. Adi gets delighted by Aaliya’s romantic setup. Aaliya serves fish to Adi, unknown that Adi is allergic to it. Adi gets critical. Aaliya and Nikhil try to help Adi. Aaliya tells Adi that Nikhil did not know about his allergy and ordered seafood. Adi worries for his rashes. Aaliya defends Nikhil. Adi gets irritated by Nikhil’s name.

Mani is happy for Shagun’s achievement. Everyone sees Ishita making efforts to patch up with Shagun to keep her promise to Aaliya. Ishita waits for Shagun and Mani. Ishita does not like talking to Kiran, as she can’t help her in convincing Bala. Kiran asks her why did she choose Shagun for felicitation. Ishita asks her why is she saying this in last minute, she could have suggested anything else before. Ishita welcomes Shagun and Mani. Mrs. Bhalla learns something bad about Shagun. She does not want Shagun to receive the award. Mrs. Bhalla decides to stop Shagun’s award ceremony.


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