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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:Ishita wants to take the entire family for Raman’s launch. Mrs. Bhalla feels Shagun’s felicitation is a disgusting idea. Shagun stuns Mani by her looks. Mani likes Ishita’s idea to honor Shagun. Shagun finds herself deserving for the award. She gets excited. Aaliya meets Adi at his office to end his annoyance. Adi asks her to spend time with Nikhil. She apologizes to him. Adi forgives her. The two spend the evening. Aaliya surprises him by a romantic date. Adi gets delighted by Aaliya’s romantic setup. Aaliya serves fish to Adi, unknown that Adi is allergic to it. Adi gets critical. Aaliya and Nikhil try to help Adi. Aaliya tells Adi that Nikhil did not know about his allergy and ordered seafood. Adi worries for his rashes. Aaliya defends Nikhil. Adi gets irritated by Nikhil’s name.

    Ishqbaaz: Shivay announces his engagement with Ragini. Pinky gets too happy and asks did they keep nicknames for each other. She says Shivay has finally got a girl from good family. Dadi is unhappy with Shivay’s decision. Pinky heartily accepts Ragini as her daughter in law. Anika gets jealous seeing Ragini. She thinks Shivay has moved on. Ragini wants to become Shivay’s wife at the earliest. She dreams of marrying Shivay. Ragini passes taunt on Anika, for staying in Shivay’s house and not reacting on his engagement news. Anika tells Ragini that her relation with Shivay did not end.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Dadi does not want Naira to know about Kirti’s alliance talk. Naira thinks of meeting Kartik. She does not find a solution. Suwarna gives her a chocolate to make her smile. Naira compliments Kirti. Kirti tells Naira and Suwarna that Dadi wants to take her to temple. Surekha accompanies Dadi and Kirti. Surekha hides the matter from Suwarna. Dadi thinks its too easy to fix Kirti’s alliance. Naira comes along with Kirti, which irks Dadi. They get surprised seeing Naksh and Bhabhimaa at the temple. Pandit asks Kirti to do the rituals. Naksh worries for Kirti, seeing her dupatta catching fire by the havan kund.


    Bebe targets Shweta’s past to shut her mouth in the party. Shweta who humiliated Neela, gets humiliated by Bebe. She faces Bebe’s anger. Shweta argues with Bebe and Prakash. Bebe asks Shweta to learn from Avni, how to be an ideal bahu. She thanks Avni for saving Maddy and Kareena. Shweta asks Bebe not to get Avni on head. Bebe finds Avni deserving of all praise. She asks Shweta to earn respect. Shweta drags the matter, spoiling the party. Neil and Bebe apologize to Neela for Shweta’s misbehavior. Neela takes a leave. Avni is hurt as Shweta insulted Neela so much. Ali asks Avni to leave Neil’s house.


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