Rangeela brings a change


Rangeela was blind by his loyalty. He then realized his mistake and initiated a fight with his master Veer. He sticks to his mother’s principles. He takes a stand for women respect. He rebels against Veer. Rangeela and Shivani’s efforts pay off. They teach pot making to the women. Shivani wants to make women earn their living and become independent. The women find ease in living their life their way.

Shivani tells Rangeela that they all found a way, and believing in themselves. Rangeela is happy. Shivani and the women pray to Lord to get strength. Rangeela succeeds in bringing a change. On the other hand, the haveli women are struck with sorrow. Gulguli and Rashmi shed tears. Gulguli sees Rangeela fighting against Berahampur’s traditions. Rangeela takes a vow to change Berahampur.



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