Retro romance time for KaiRa in Yeh Rishta…

KaiRa union to face high criticism in Yeh Rishta...

Dadi does not want Naira to know about Kirti’s alliance talk. Naira thinks of meeting Kartik. She does not find a solution. Suwarna gives her a chocolate to make her smile. Naira compliments Kirti. Kirti tells Naira and Suwarna that Dadi wants to take her to temple. Surekha accompanies Dadi and Kirti. Surekha hides the matter from Suwarna. Dadi thinks its too easy to fix Kirti’s alliance. Naira comes along with Kirti, which irks Dadi. They get surprised seeing Naksh and Bhabhimaa at the temple. Pandit asks Kirti to do the rituals. Naksh worries for Kirti, seeing her dupatta catching fire by the havan kund.

Kirti likes Naksh’s gesture. Naira feels Dadi can take wrong meaning by Naksh’s help. Dadi tells Surekha that she can do anything to settle Kirti in life. Naira prays Kartik does not stay annoyed with him. Manish and Akhilesh laugh seeing Kartik’s restlessness in office. Manish understands Kartik has fought with Naira. He feels Kartik is not less than Lav and Kush. Manish thinks of talking to Suwarna. She gets hurt while staying away from her son’s memories. Suwarna wishes none knows about her past. She knows Manish can never accept this dark secret of her life.

KaiRa will be seen having retro romance. Kartik gets annoyed with Naira. Naira took the cake to Suwarna, which makes Kartik fight with Naira. He does not meet her before going office. Naira meets him in his office. Kartik dislikes Suwarna a lot. He knows if Naira does not listen to him, their fight will go on. Naira apologizes to Kartik. She convinces him by singing an old time favorite song. They always have sweet moments between them.


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