Rudra’s birthday calls for a united family do in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Rudra to prove Shivay mentally ill

Omkara recalls what all Gauri has faced till now for him and his family sake. He asks Gauri to stay back with him, so that he can get a chance to know real Gauri. Gauri agrees to give a chance to Omkara. On the other hand, Bhavya apologizes to Rudra for lying to him. She asks him to forgive her. Rudra wants to get away from her. He is annoyed that she has used him. She tells she is helpless to stay here till she does her work. Rudra feels bad that he could not enter her heart. Bhavya, Anika and Gauri discuss how helpless they got because of Oberoi brothers.

Anika leads the girl’s team. The girls discuss how they got affected. Even the boys want to show that they don’t care. Anika says we will show them that we can stay happy without them. The family gathers for Rudra’s birthday. The family sees two cakes made by girls and boys teams. They all argue to make Rudra cut their cake. Rudra does not want them to fight on his birthday. Soon, the cake smearing begins, calling a crazy follow up by others. Shivay and Anika have a cute moment. Dadi tries to bring the couples together. She asks all of them to take their better halves to the room by lifting them in arms. The girls return the favor by pushing the boys in the pool.


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