Shivay normalizes with Anika’s presence in Ishqbaaz


Ishqbaaz one hour long episodes are getting much fun scenes for the viewers. The girls gang push the boys in the swimming pool and run away. Omkara finds them mad. Rudra feels his birthday is celebrated in such a way, which left them speechless. Pinky asks Ragini to see how she makes Anika out of Shivay’s life. She wants to get Ragini in Shivay’s life. Ragini gets happy and thanks her. The girls have icecreams and cool their anger. The boys think to have hot chocolate. The girls stop the boys from entering the kitchen. They joke on the boys and send them away. Omkara and Rudra feel cold. They think of making coffee. The brothers have a cute scene. Ishqbaaz’s specialty of Obro moments gets back.

Shivay tries to ask Anika if she is jealous of Ragini. Anika and Shivay ask each other why they were staring. Shivay stops her and makes her feed the icecream to him. They have a moment. She fears he will catch cold. Pinky does not want them to get close. She asks Ragini to do something.

Gauri and Bhavya keep the snacks for Omkara and Rudra. They ask Shivay to hide the matter from them. Shivay asks is Anika leading their group. He asks them not to torture his brothers by listening Anika. Gauri says we wanted to take care of Omkara and Rudra without saying them, as they have a problem with us. Bhavya says they both feel we cheated them, but everything was for their good. Shivay understands them. Omkara and Rudra get glad that Shivay has kept everything ready for them.


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