Chakor to counter Bhaiya ji’s motives in Udaan


Chakor and Bhaiya ji get against each other again. Chakor says you got Tejaswini back and also won the villagers’ trust, I know you don’t do anything without a plan, what are you thinking. Bhaiya ji says you don’t have status that I answer you, even then I will tell you, else you will try to influence Suraj and Tejaswini. There is tension between them. Bhaiya ji is using his family members. Chakor plays cards with him and makes him lose. He says I m happy that she is not part of this family. He is happy that Suraj and Chakor are divorced now. Chakor tells him that Suraj loves her and she can come to haveli anytime she wants. She gives him an answer and goes.

Vivaan tries to convince Imli to forgive him. He tells Imli that he has made a healthy soup, he has added all ingredients carefully and this is really good for child. Imli refuses to have the soup. Vivaan apologizes to her. He asks her not to get angry, he will repent and try to get her forgiveness. Chakor comes and feeds the soup to Imli. Vivaan gets to know about Suraj’s arrest. He informs this to Chakor. Suraj and Ajay got into a fight. Ajay arrests him. Chakor runs to meet Suraj. She will be saving Suraj.



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