Naira’s learns Dadi’s ultimate wish in Yeh Rishta…


Manish trusts Suwarna. He apologizes to her and tells her that he can’t tolerate anyone doubting on her. He feels guilty. Suwarna prays that her secret does not come out. Dadi gets restless and thinks of Kirti. Naira comforts her, and tells everything is fine, Kartik, Manish and Suwarna are calm. Naira fears Manish can get angry by Kartik again. She tries to make his mood fine, so that Kartik’s mood gets fine.

Dadi starts thinking for Naksh’s good. Naira feels strange. Gayu tells the family that Naira is coming with her inlaws. Kirti develops a liking for Naksh. She sees his profile and sends a friend request. Dadi gets to see Kirti’s inclination. Her decision gets more firm. Dadi showers gifts on Naksh and Singhanias, leaving them puzzled. Dadi sees Kirti happy with Naksh. Dadi’s changing behavior makes everyone suspicious of her intentions. Dadi likes the oily food, unlike before. Naksh asks Naira what’s going to happen. Naira informs Kartik about Dadi’s change. Kartik can’t believe it. Naira then learns Dadi’s wish to get Naksh and Kirti married.


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