Naksh to meet with an accident in Yeh Rishta…

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh humiliates Kartik: Suwarna revolts

Kirti gets to hear about the alliance and drops the diya. Dadi says everyone thinks I did wrong, but I don’t care, I have the kept truth in front of everyone, you all give Gyaan but don’t do anything, I want Kirti’s happiness, who else will think for her. Dadi has realized Kirti is feeling lonely. She tells the family that she wants Naksh and Kirti to get married. Naira and Kartik talk to Dadi. Kartik asks Dadi to drop this matter here itself. Dadi thinks Naira is stopping Kartik. Dadi argues with him. Kartik thinks Naksh will not agree.

Kartik asks Dadi not to blame Naira. Dadi says you did love marriage and will keep it, my truth and Kirti’s future do not matter to you. She tells everyone that Kirti likes Naksh. She cries and tells Suwarna that its her mistake, she can’t be quiet, as its about Kirti’s future. She does emotional blackmail. Kartik gets convinced by Dadi.

Kartik and Naira meet Baisa and give the proposal. Baisa gets angry and says Naksh will get any proposal, why will he marry any divorcee. She asks Naira to go and refuse to Goenkas. Kartik gets upset. He says I did not differentiate between two families, you proved family is family, I can’t hear anything against my family. He warns Baisa not to say anything against Kirti. Naksh comes to meet Kirti. He hears Naira and Dadi talking. Naira tells Dadi that Baisa has refused for the alliance. Naksh gets upset and leaves. Naksh meets with an accident.


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