Raman to support Bala-Kiran’s relation in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ruhi tries to comfort Pihu. She tells Riya’s story. She asks Pihu to help Riya, as she needs a friend. Pihu realizes everyone needs a friend. She tries to bring Riya and Pihu closer. Pihu takes a step to get friendly with Riya. Riya does not accept her friendship. She has much loneliness and bitterness in heart. Raman is angry as elders have spoiled things a lot. He is thankful to Kiran for managing everything. Raman wants to get Bala and Kiran married. Ishita and Mrs. Iyer get against the alliance. They get hurt that Bala wants to move on, and forgotten Vandu so soon. Raman convinces Ishita to look after Bala’s happiness. He asks her to give a chance to Kiran. Ishita does not know if Kiran can become mum of Vandu’s children. She wants Kiran to understand children.

Adi calls Ishita and tells her that Aaliya is missing. He tells about Nikhil insulting him always. He gets worried for Aaliya. He tells about the bitter fight. Ishita asks him how could he fight with Aaliya, he should find her. She calls Mani to find out about Aaliya. Mani and Shagun get to know the matter, and scold Ishita for Adi’s deed. They don’t want Adi to meet Aaliya. Ishita suggests Bala to take time and think well before taking marriage’s decision. She does not want Bala to forget his children. Bala gets into a dilemma over marrying Kiran. Ishita informs Adi that Aaliya went to Mani’s house. Raman worries for Adi. Adi comes home alone. Raman gets to know about the fight. He does not let family know about it. He asks Adi to come along and makes meeting excuse. He pacifies Adi. Ishita supports Aaliya, and believes Adi has done wrong with Aaliya.


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