A surprise gift stuns Oberoi brothers in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz - Shivay - Tellyreviews

Shivay, Omkara and Rudra get a parcel and think what’s inside it. They hear the baby cry. Rudra guesses its a baby inside. They get shocked seeing the baby inside. They take the baby to the room and try to pacify the little baby. They get a card in the basket, and read message from the baby’s mum, who asks the baby’s dad to manage his child. The brothers sign towards each other saying this note is for them. The little cutie pie wins their heart. Rudra asks the baby who is his dad. They all get surprised seeing the little angel. They try to know whose child is it. Shivay says this is not my child. Rudra says maybe its Omkara’s child.

Omkara says its not my child, if there are chances that its Shivay or my child, there is equal chance that its your child, I doubt on you. Rudra says this baby is not mine. They blame each other and don’t accept. Omkara says you are taking much interest in baby. Shivay says the baby has gone on Rudra. Rudra asks them not to blame him. Omkara says if I had a child, I would have told you guys, we have no secrets between us. Shivay says I think Rudra is the father. Rudra says I will not listen to anything from you if you are elder. They see on whom did the child go. Shivay asks them to accept fast. Rudra asks them to see baby’s eyes. They get a shock seeing baby’s blue eyes. Omkara says he has eyes similar to Shivay. Shivay gets away.

Rudra says so its confirmed now that its Shivay’s child. Shivay says this is not possible. Rudra asks why, is everything fine, can’t you become dad, focus on what happened that night when you were with Tia. Shivay asks him to stop nonsense. Someone comes there and knocks the door terribly. Omkara says who knocks this way. Shivay says someone is breaking the door, maybe someone who has sent this baby. Rudra says God sends baby, it means Godfather has come our home. Shivay says I m saying about someone who dropped baby here. Omkara wonders why would the person come here after dropping baby. Rudra says you got smart being with me. They check who’s at the door. They get troubled by the baby mystery. Anika and Gauri find them worried, and try to find out what’s troubling them. The guys hide the baby and take care on their own. Their silly talk and doings go on and on.


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