Girls’ gang to hunt for the hidden secret in Ishqbaaz

Shivaay long lost sister

The brothers have a tough time managing the little baby. The baby cries much. They try to console the baby. Rudra gets a pillow cover to put the baby in. Shivay and Omkara find Rudra much stupid. Rudra dances to calm the baby. He gets tired of dancing. Shivay hands him over water. Omkara asks Shivay to check the baby’s clothes. Shivay asks baby to get quiet and have water. He says this baby is troubling me like Anika does. Rudra gets the clothes for baby. Rudra asks the baby to see new pair of clothes and get happy. They try to change the baby’s clothes.

Rudra asks Omkara to talk to baby. Shivay asks Omkara to be gentle. Rudra asks Omkara to give his hair in baby’s hand to play. Shivay says you both can’t change the clothes, we have to make baby wear clothes, we don’t have to pack him, I will make the baby try this. Rudra comes up with strange ideas. Rudra asks the baby to just chill and let them chill a bit too. The little guest tires them. Omkara has read baby care books when Gauri was faking pregnancy. He uses his knowledge and suggests things to calm the baby. Rudra asks Omkara whether he has any experience too. Omkara sweetly talks to the baby. They all try to pacify the baby. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya try to spy on them. Anika sees the CCTV footage and see the brothers taking a basket in Omkara’s room. Anika says Omkara has taken the basket, Rudra was talking nonsense as if he is hiding something, this basket has some connection with them, Shivay diverted me by his romantic talk. The brothers’ tension gets high. The girls get an idea and ring fire alarm to get the Oberois brothers out of the room. Gauri and Bhavya call out Omkara and Rudra to come out of the room fast. They try to find out what’s the secret they are hiding. How long can the boys hide about the baby’s entry? Keep reading.


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