Naira feels guilty for Naksh’s state in Yeh Rishta…


Naira promises Dadi that they will soon find the right guy for Kirti. She says we will get Kirti married to someone whom she chooses by her heart and willingness. Kirti gets concealing about her feelings. Naira asks Kirti who is her prince charming. Kirti does not share anything, out of fear. Dadi realizes Kirti’s love for Naksh. Dadi tells Naira that they have found the guy suitable for Kirti, someone whom Kirti has chosen as her life partner. Naira and Kartik get surprised and ask who is the lucky guy. Dadi tells them that its Naira’s brother Naksh. She shows her interest in getting Kirti and Naksh married. Dadi convinces Manish and Suwarna for the alliance. She asks Naira to take the alliance to Singhanias from Goenkas side. Things don’t go well as planned.

Naksh meets with an accident. Kartik and Naira get to see injured Naksh on the road, surrounded by the crowd. They get a shock. Kartik and Naira worry for Naksh’s life. They ask Naksh to open eyes. Naksh sees them and closes eyes. Naira starts crying. Kartik asks Naira to calm down. Kartik asks men to help. They lift Naksh and take him to hospital. Naksh gets treated. Dadi wants Kirti and Naksh to get married, but Singhanias are not ready. Dadi scolds Naira and blames her for cutting the alliance in between. Naksh heard Dadi and Naira’s conversation and left in tension, which led to the accident. Naira worries for Naksh, who gets critical. She feels guilty. Kartik consoles Naira. They hope the terms between both the families get fine. Kirti will be expressing her feelings for Naksh. Naira takes a stand for Kirti. Naksh gets better with time. Naksh meets Kirti and Goenkas. Naksh is in dilemma over his feelings. He was not prepared for anything such. Naksh will be marrying Kirti.


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