Riya executes her wicked move in Naamkarann


Avni tries to tell Neil about her pregnancy. Neil arrests a guy who murders his girlfriend out of jealousy. Shweta and Riya make a trap for Avni. Bebe sticks to Avni to look after her. She thinks to take Avni to hospital for checkup. Avni avoids her somehow. Avni goes to meet Neil at the police station. DD tells her that Neil left for some work. Avni feels nausea. Riya meets Ali and tells him about Avn’s sickness. Ali asks Riya to manage his cafe. He goes to meet Avni. Shweta takes Bebe for shopping. Neil gets busy in the case. He does not want to spare any criminal. Riya works out her plan.

Ali finds Avni ill and alone at home. He asks her to come with him, he will take her to doctor. Avni refuses to go. She understands the soup had something in it. Avni tells Ali that Bebe is mistaken that she is pregnant. She tells him the huge misunderstanding creating problems for her. Avni gets dizzy. Neil and his family make an entry home, and find Avni with Ali, stuck in a wrong situation. Shweta blames Avni and Ali for having an affair. Bebe gets disheartened. Neil gets speechless. He could not hear more against Avni. He asks Shweta to limit her words.


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