Rudra to seek help from Bhavya in Ishqbaaz


Shivay and Omkara do not like Anika’s plan. Shivay gets angry on Anika. He does not want to trouble Rudra. Rudra screams for help on seeing an ugly spider. Anika does not let Shivay and Omkara help Rudra. Rudra shouts for help and describes the danger to Bhavya. Everyone waits for Bhavya to help out Rudra. Bhavya breaks the door and helps out Rudra. They have a romantic moment. Anika gets glad to bring them together. Rudra asks Bhavya to throw out the spider. Bhavya laughs on Rudra and leaves the spider out of the bathroom. Rudra and Bhavya fall for each other, but don’t accept.

Omkara and Gauri too get close, while he helps her getting dressed up. Tej makes promises to Shwetlana. He plans to execute his plan. He does not want to delay more. He does drama in front of Jhanvi. Rudra tells Shivay and Omkara about the huge spider. The brothers cook food. The girls come to cook food for themselves. Anika offers them help. Shivay asks her to just be and watch them cooking. Anika and Shivay have a moment. All the couples turn caring. Omkara and Rudra explain each other about supporting their partners.


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