TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to forgive him for Tejaswini’s sake. He promises to keep Tejaswini happy and give her all her rights back. Chakor goes to meet Ajay, where she gets a shock by his love confession. Ajay proposes her for marriage. Chakor gets speechless. Chakor tells about Ajay’s proposal to Suraj, which angers the latter. Suraj forgives Bhaiya ji in order to get Tejaswini back in the haveli.

Santoshi Maa:
Santoshi Maa finds the kidnapper and follows him to reach Paulomika. She asks them to leave the little girl. The kidnappers refuse to leave Paulomika. They plan to kill Santoshi Maa and send her organs to get money. Santoshi Maa saves Paulomika. Paulomika realizes the kidnappers are real one and gets a shock. Santoshi and Dhairya reach there and save Santoshi Maa and Paulomika. Dhairya beats the goons. Police comes and arrests the kidnappers.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:
Shakun, Indrani and Kajal talk about Advay’s motives. Indrani’s doubt gets diverted when the jeweler comes home. She finds out that the jeweler is not the blackmailer they are finding. Advay holds Chandni close in front of everyone, and then makes an excuse of saving Chandni and doing a big favor on her. Chandni gets a challenge by Advay. He tells her that he will not let Vashisht family get that treasure under any circumstances. Advay spoils the things. Indrani feels everything got ruined, now the treasure doors will never open. Pandit predicts the doors have got shut forever, after Mahants failed to open it twice. Chandni tells Indrani that there is still hope, doors will open by mantras. Will Chandni’s belief win or Advay’s ego?

Pawan arrives Kusum Sundari’s house and claims to be Kalki’s husband. Vardaan and Kusum Sundari get a shock, seeing Pawan dressed as groom. Pawan asks them to call his bride. He gets angry when he doesn’t find Kalki anywhere. Menka has hidden Devanshi behind the wall to kill her. Menka puts her life in danger, but Pawan saves her. He sees Devanshi fighting for her life. Pawan brings her home. Devanshi gets conscious and learns about Pawan acting as her husband. Pawan reveals his love for Kalki. There begins a confusion. Devanshi finds out Pawal’s real identity.

Shivay gets angry on Anika, seeing her taunting Ragini again and again. Ragini was trying to make excuses and trap Shivay. When Anika was stopping her, Shivay yells on Anika. Ragini does not want Anika to be around Shivay. Ragini makes fun of Gauri, who has come from a small town. She asks Gauri not to call Anika as Bhabhi, as Shivay and Anika got divorced. She calls Gauri innocent to still think Anika is Shivay’s wife. Gauri tells her that they keep relations by heart, not any legalities. Gauri and Bhavya take a stand for Anika, and show their unity. Ragini feels insecure.

Mere Angne Mein:
Kaushalya does drama to commit suicide and build pressure on Shivam. Nimmi, Preeti and Pari support Kaushalya in the drama. They make a video and send to Shivam, so that he returns home soon. Golu will be confessing his love to Nimmi in coming track.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi:
Dev scolds Vicky for raising hand on Elena. He says if you don’t respect women, I will kick you out of the house. Vicky is angry as Dev decides everything at home. He does not want everyone to obey Dev. Elena is not scared of Vicky. Vicky plans something against Dev. Vicky will be getting negative.


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