High Five Spoilers

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Piya Albela:
Naren gets a shock knowing about Anand’s death. He defends Pooja in front of Anand’s family, who accused Pooja to be responsible for Anand’s death. Naren asks Anand’s mum to take answers from Lord. Anand’s mum humiliates Pooja and her family. Naren gets angry hearing all the foul remarks on Pooja. Guru ji gets upset knowing Mayank is going jail. Rahul congratulates Guru ji and tells him that Mayank has killed Pooja’s would be husband Anand. He warns Guru ji of the bad happenings. Naren takes a step to save Pooja’s respect and marries her.


Rangeela has come back in the haveli. Gulguli gets to know Veer has kidnapped Choudhary. She asks Veer to apologize to his dad. Veer refuses to apologize. Gulguli beats up Veer. She asks him to leave from the house. Gulguli has kicked out Veer from the house. She is ashamed to have a son like Veer. She recalls the bad time she has gone through in Choudhary’s absence. She decides to disown Veer. Maldawali and Jageer happily dance on this miracle. Jageer is happy that Veer is going out of the house. Maldawali says new ways got open now, you can wear masculine clothes now and send away Veer. He says yes, I don’t need to wear feminine clothes anymore, I will humiliate Veer now.


The baby secret comes out. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra reveal about the baby, after their lady loves were doubting on them. Everyone pampers the baby. Dadi and elders take the baby in lap. Pinky asks them whose baby is this. She blames Omkara and Rudra to be behind this conspiracy, as Shivay can never do something awful. Shivay says we really don’t know about the baby. Dadi takes care of the baby. She asks everyone to look after the baby till they find baby’s dad. The brothers decide to go for a DNA test, after the family believes that either of them is the baby’s dad. Doctor is called there. Dadi asks everyone to be quiet now. Tej asks Pinky not to point to her sons. Shakti says elders should not argue, Shivay, Rudra and Omkara will manage, its their matter.

The evil lady enters the palace in disguise. She asks the maids about Virendra’s room. She goes to meet Virendra, while Chapla observes her. Virendra and Chandrakanta’s love is strong, but even the negative vamp is powerful. She aims to use her beauty and control Virendra. Will Virendra get away from Chandrakanta?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita get too worried knowing Shagun has gone missing. Raman gets pressurized in the lockup to accept the blame of the crime which he did not commit. Raman tries to explain the inspector about his situation trapping him in the false blame. Ishita fails to find any proof of Raman’s innocence. She hopes that Shagun will return and then give her statement in favor of Raman to get him freed. She wants to find Mani’s murderer and punish him. There is lots of mystery around Mani’s murderer. Adi and Ruhi are also a witness of the crime scene in some way, but don’t know exactly the cause of his murder.

Naina and Karan have to go through a test. Dada ji gives Gyaan to Naina about the special puja. Nirmala says make the threads by taking Shiv and Parvati names. Naina and Karan take Shiv Palki ahead, while everyone chanted Shiv Parvati name. Dada ji got happy and blesses Naina for doing the puja very well. Naina passed the test as Chauhan’s bahu. Karan has to perform the rituals with Nirmala and pass the test. The family will see if Karan has completely recovered. Meghna is following someone. She looks in tension.


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