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Chandrakanta and Virendra are going to get married. She gets Virendra’s name mehendi in her hands. The ayyars dance in the function. Chandrakanta is very happy. She is getting engaged to Virendra. The pre marriage functions bring happiness in both families. Virendra and Chandrakanta exchange the rings. Chandrakanta sees the tilismi mehendi in her hands. Virendra meets Chandrakanta in her mehendi function. There will be twists between the marriage functions. A new entry comes in the palace as mehendi designer. She wants to break Chandrakanta and Virendra’s relation. She plans to hypnotize Virendra and take him along.


Avni tries to mend her relations with Shweta. She is making a new start. Shweta gets glad seeing Avni getting sweets. She asks Avni what does she want. Avni asks can we start our relation fresh, I know we did not get along well, you don’t like me, I did many mistakes till now. Shweta says you married Neil by cheat and did mistake, its easy to start a new thing, but mending old things is tough, are you ready to work hard. Avni agrees.

Udaan: Chakor and Imli are troubled seeing Suraj and Vivaan’s fights on little things. Chakor and Imli make a plan and lock Suraj and Vivaan in a room. Chakor asks Suraj not to fight with Vivaan, you get friendly with him, forget all bitterness, else this door will not open. They have taken this responsibility to end their annoyance. Imli says end the annoyance completely, else this door won’t open. Suraj and Vivaan call for help. Chakor and Imli don’t open the door. Imli says Chakor’s decision is final.

Harman asks Soumya to come home with him. Soumya says I m Tarana, I don’t trust any love now. She wants to get away from Harman. She heads to Bangkok and falls in trouble. Harman will be reaching Bangkok to save Soumya.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira’s family gets upset. Baisa asks Naira to tell everyone about Dadi’s plan to put Kirti on Naksh’s name. She tells everyone about Naksh and Kirti’s alliance. She asks Naira to get the wedding cards printed if she has decided everything. Naira tells Naitik that its nothing like that, Baisa is exaggerating the matter. Everyone gets a shock knowing about Naksh and Kirti. The things get spoiled at home. Kirti goes missing from home.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar cleans the house, when Anjali and Sameer trouble her. Anjali asks Simar to work fast. She becomes a maid. Roshni and Ananya help Simar.


Oberoi mansion gets a shock after learning about the baby, which is father by one of the Oberoi sons. Tej asks Shivay is the baby of Anika and him. Shivay says no way, this can never be possible. Even Dadi wants to know who is the father of the baby. Tej dramatically asks Omkara if the baby is of Riddhima and him. Omkara refuses. Pinky says this baby would be of Omkara or Rudra, Rudra used to change his girlfriends so often, and Omkara was in a relationship with Riddhima. The brothers stay quiet, but Dadi’s questions make everyone argue.


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