Ishqbaaz: Baby’s twist


Oberoi mansion gets a shock after learning about the baby, which is father by one of the Oberoi sons. Tej asks Shivay is the baby of Anika and him. Shivay says no way, this can never be possible. Even Dadi wants to know who is the father of the baby. Tej dramatically asks Omkara if the baby is of Riddhima and him. Omkara refuses. Pinky says this baby would be of Omkara or Rudra, Rudra used to change his girlfriends so often, and Omkara was in a relationship with Riddhima. The brothers stay quiet, but Dadi’s questions make everyone argue.

Omkara says I did not had any relation with Riddhima. Pinky says my Shivay can never do this. She reminds Jhanvi how Omkara was in a live-in relationship with Riddhima, don’t know why he married Gauri, he also had Shwetlana in his life, what can we expect from him, my son’s track record is very clean, Shivay can never do such a thing. She points on Rudra’s playboy character. Tej and Jhanvi argue with Pinky. Jhanvi says you have also played many games to get Tia in Shivay’s life. Dadi asks Pinky and Jhanvi not to divert the topic. Shivay says the note had it written that this baby belongs to one of us, are we fighting to find the baby’s father, why are you all fighting then, if we don’t have any problem in accepting the baby, why do you all take tension, we will together raise this baby. The brothers shower love on the baby. Shivay says the baby maybe of one of us, but we three will give the baby a father’s love, baby is lucky to have three of us. They all hug the baby and have an emotional moment.


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