Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Shocking twist


Raman and Ishita get too worried knowing Shagun has gone missing. Raman gets pressurized in the lockup to accept the blame of the crime which he did not commit. Raman tries to explain the inspector about his situation trapping him in the false blame. Ishita fails to find any proof of Raman’s innocence. She hopes that Shagun will return and then give her statement in favor of Raman to get him freed. She wants to find Mani’s murderer and punish him. There is lots of mystery around Mani’s murderer. Adi and Ruhi are also a witness of the crime scene in some way, but don’t know exactly the cause of his murder.

Raman hopes Adi will find out Shagun some how and get her to the police station. Bala and Adi hunt for Shagun, and find clues about her survival. Adi informs the family about getting close in their search. Bhallas inform Raman their plan of acting to relieve him of stress. They don’t know the shocking change in Shagun, who has lost her memory and assumes herself to be Raman’s wife. Ishita and Raman will be trying to help Shagun recover her memory, while Raman acts as Shagun’s husband. The new twists of Raman and Shagun’s togetherness is something not surprising YHM fans pleasantly. Keep reading.


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