Ragini’s crazy plan worries Samar in Ishqbaaz


Shivay, Omkara and Rudra try to make the baby calm. They dance for the baby. The girls get to see them dancing and wonder what’s happening. The girls ask Rudra why were they dancing inside the room. Rudra refuses to tell her anything. Gauri gets a surprise seeing her mum home. She gets too emotional.

Ragini gets upset with Samar, for not caring for her. He asks the reason of her worry. She asks him to get Shivay for her. She gets mad for Shivay’s zero reactions. She complains about Anika. She tells him how Anika is creating hurdles for her. She asks him why did he not help her till now. She does not want to lose in her life. Samar explains her not to get love by force. She wants to go to any level to get Shivay. She asks him to help, as the time has come. He agrees to help her. Rudra gets tired of dancing for the baby. Omkara and Shivay try other things. Gauri is happy to spend time with her mum. She tells her mum that she is much happy with Omkara and his family. Gauri stops Omkara and makes him stay away. Omkara tries to arrange clothes for the baby. Ragini asks Samar to do drama of hurting her, so that she can put the blame on Siddharth. Samar does not want to hurt Ragini. The guys dramatically change the baby’s clothes. The girls still try to find their secret.


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