Shagun’s memory loss ruins IshRa’s hope in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mr. Bhalla meets Raman in the lockup. He tells Raman about Shagun escaping to save her life. He assures Raman that he will keep him informed and free him soon. Raman is glad that Shagun is safe. Adi and Bala meet the truck driver and learn about the man dropping Shagun to the hospital. The man gives them details of the hospital. Aaliya gets restless knowing about Shagun. Mihika consoles Aaliya. She wants to clear things by Shagun herself. She asks Aaliya not to spoil her terms with Adi. Aaliya thinks Adi is finding Shagun to save Raman. Adi panics on not finding Shagun. Bala and Adi find Shagun, who is in critical state in the hospital. Doctor tells them about Shagun.

Adi gets worried. He informs Aaliya that he found Shagun. Kiran tries to manage the kids. She tells Iyers that kids will ask them about Bala and Raman. She takes permission to take kids along with her after school hours. Mrs. Iyer does not want Kiran to get close to Bala’s daughter. Mr. Iyer believes Kiran can become a good mum, if given a chance to try. Aaliya and Nikhil come to meet Shagun. Aaliya meets Shagun and gets relieved. Shagun does not identify Aaliya. Aaliya cries and shares this with Adi. Doctor checks Shagun. She informs Bala and Adi that Shagun has lost her memory. She guesses that Shagun has heard something worse before she got injured. Bala thinks Shagun has witnessed Mani’s murder. Doctor asks them to be patient while meeting Shagun. Adi informs Ishita about Shagun’s state. Ishita gets worried knowing about Shagun’s memory loss. Her hope to save Raman gets down.


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