SuKor’s remarriage next in Udaan


Bhaiya ji meets Imli. He apologizes to Imli. She tells him about Vivaan and her terms spoiling by some matter. She says you may have come to meet Vivaan, he does not stay here now, he stays in guest room. Bhaiya ji says I know Vivaan does not stay here, I came to meet you, not Vivaan. He is happy that his grandson is coming. He says I have organized a havan and bhoj in the temple, I m really happy to welcome the new member of this family. She does not trust him. She says I know you don’t do anything without a reason, tell me what work do you have. He says I just want my family to be together, and just you can bring everyone together. He wants a united family.

He says when I was mad, just you were true and supportive to me, you know the importance of family and you will explain this to Vivaan, I m folding hands and requesting you to forgive me and help me. He asks her to forgive Vivaan and get together with him. He sheds tears, to show his emotions are true. On the other hand, Suraj and Chakor’s romance will be seen. Suraj applies haldi to his would be wife, after proposing her for marriage. They have a sweet moment. Suraj and Chakor’s remarriage will be seen.


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