Neil to get heartbroken in Naamkarann


Avni and Neil’s romance will be seen. Avni meets him to give him the tiffin. Neil likes the food made by Neela. Avni was angry and did not wish to give him food. Neela has insisted and sent her. Neil asks Avni to have the food. She tells Neil not to expect anything from her, Neela is a big drama queen and has sent the food for him. Neil plans a surprise for her. She says I don’t like this curry. He says I will not let you stay hungry and orders food for her. He orders Poha for her. She gets excited seeing her favorite Poha. He got the Poha from Ali’s cafe. He has a motive and wants to know if she has feelings for Ali.

Avni starts praising Ali’s handmade Poha. She sits eating the Poha. They get lost in each other’s eyes. Neil asks her if she loves Ali. Avni answers yes, I love Ali, he is my childhood friend and there will be love. He doubts on Ali and her. Avni has broken his heart. Neil wants to capture her in his eyes, before she gets away. Neil gets annoyed with her. His doubts are not getting clear. The misunderstanding creates a hurdle for their union. She asks him to help her in making her terms better with Shweta. Neil will make Avni and Shweta patch up.


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