Baby’s secret gets revealed in Ishqbaaz


Bhavya suggests Anika and Gauri a plan to make the boys run out of the room, when they show there is some danger in the room. The girls plan fail. Shivay manages the baby. Omkara and Shivay see Rudra sleeping getting too tired. Omkara does not want to leave them alone in managing any responsibility. Meanwhile, Pinky confronts Tej for playing with Jhanvi’s emotions again. Tej gets confident as none will believe Pinky. He blackmails of exposing her evil truth in front of Shivay. He asks her to worry for her future and just be in her own world. Jhanvi asks Pinky not to ruin her happiness.

She warns Pinky against interfering in her personal life. Pinky gets angered thinking Jhanvi is inviting problems for herself by blindly believing Tej. The girls try to spy in the room, and get into a romantic moment with their partners. The girls finally get to see the baby, and receive a huge shock. The guys reveal the baby’s truth and the note that the baby belongs to one of them. They all decide to care for the baby as he is also an Oberoi. Anika gets upset thinking its Shivay’s baby. Gauri too get disheartened and thinks if its Omkara’s baby. Omkara asks her to share the responsibility if its his baby. Shivay tells them about DNA test. Anika tries to manage the baby. They get a surprise learning that baby is a girl.


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