High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Rangeela gets successful in getting rights for his mum. Choudhary hugs him and welcomes in the haveli. He gets a sindoor box and fills sindoor in his first wife’s maang. Rangeela is confused if he should stay in haveli or not, but he has come for his parents’ sake. Gulguli is upset seeing her Sautan, but Maldawali is happy seeing Rangeela. Rangeela wants to get Shivani home as bahu. Maldawali’s dream turns true when she meets Rangeela and romances, while he thinks Shivani is with him. He gets a shock seeing Maldawali. He asks her to leave from his room. Shivani gets troubled by goons. Shivani asks the goons to recover money from Rangeela later, but not take any goods back. The goons don’t listen to get and take away all the crates. Shivani tries to stop them.

Woh Apna Sa:

Aditya’s parents believe Jhanvi has taken the right step, else Nisha would have hurt her daughters. They try to make Jhanvi forget the matter and support her. Jhanvi’s mum gives her approval for the marriage. She does not have courage to talk to Jhanvi, as Nisha is still in hospital. Babasa believes Nisha is herself responsible for her state, Lord is punishing her for her bad deeds, Nisha wants a property share and they can solve this matter once Nisha gets fine. Kakasa’s truth does not get exposed.



Bebe becomes Neil and Avni’s love story’s cupid. Neil has refused to give divorce to Avni. Neil is happy that Avni is back. Avni has returned home and plans their divorce. She signs on the papers, but her tears spoil her sign. Their divorce gets cancelled. Avni loves Neil, but she is not able to confess her love to Neil. She thinks to win Shweta’s trust first. Bebe wants Neil and Avni to confess love to each other. Shweta indirectly helps Avni and Neil’s love story in getting a push. Shweta’s conditions for testing Avni’s suitability for the family becomes interesting.

Santoshi Maa:
Mangla helps Kranti Maa and takes Sadhvi Maa out of the house. Kranti Maa kidnaps Santoshi Maa, while Santoshi Maa has to return to the Devlok. Kranti Maa asks Sadhvi Maa to get prepared to die. Santoshi tells Kaka that she did not take Sadhvi Maa anywhere. The family worries for her. Kranti Maa ties up Santoshi Maa and makes her sit on a funeral to burn her alive.

Kundali Bhagya:
Preeta finds Karan an egoistic man. She falls in trouble, while Karan helps her out. They have a moment. He finds her mad to try such things to get his attention. She asks him not to think anything such without any valid reason. Abhi gets friendly with Rishabh. Rishabh is surprised seeing Abhi’s humbleness. Karan informs Rishabh about getting stuck in a police case, but he managed everything on own. Sarla learns that Preeta and Shrishti are her daughters.


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