Shagun lands up in Bhalla family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita tells Raman about Shagun’s current scenario. She says Shagun is much helpless, she does not remember Mani has died, she is living in her past. Raman fears he can’t do this painful act, he does not wish to return in his old phase. He does not want Ishita to get away from him. She says I m not going away, I m staying in Iyer house and can meet you every day. She convinces him to stay as Shagun’s husband till she regains her memory. She says we have to do this to find Mani’s culprit. Raman can’t believe this bad time is coming back in his life. She asks him to stay strong.

Shagun reaches home and is furious seeing Bhallas. Bala and Adi convince her to stay with Bhallas. She wants to go to Ashok’s house. She gets into an argument with Raman. She asks him to be happy seeing her injuries. She tells him about her accident. She finds it hard to tolerate her inlaws, who try to make things normal for her. Shagun does not remember anything. She asks Raman about Ashok. Ishita wants to hide Shagun’s fragile state from Ashok, else he can target Raman by using this situation. Shagun asks Raman why did they shift to new house. Shagun finds Raman still in love with her. Raman asks her to take medicines and rest for some time.

Shagun finds Mrs. Bhalla’s sweet behavior strange and doubts on her intentions. She does not wish to stay with Bhallas and argues with them. Shagun commands Raman to think for her comfort. She feels something is wrong. Ruhi suggests they should pray for Mani’s soul peace. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to fight with Shagun so that Shagun feels normal. Ishita waits for Aaliya in the puja. Aaliya refuses to become part of the puja. She thinks Bhallas are doing a drama after killing Mani. Adi defends that Raman did not kill Mani. He asks her to wait till the judgement is known, before blaming Raman. Aaliya scolds Adi and Roshni. Ishita calms down Aaliya. Adi feels tensed. Ishita explains Aaliya the situation. She asks her to stay with them. Aaliya vents out her anger.



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