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    Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
    Aru and the women accidentally drink bhaang. Aru gets on the railing and does a drama like Sholay’s Veeru. Mastana has added the bhaang for his love, and is responsible for everyone’s state. Aru says I will jump down. Mukhi worriedly runs upstairs to stop her.

    May I Come In Madam:
    Chedi gets tea for Sanjana. She asks him to stop calling her madam. She asks for Sanju. Chedi tells him that Sanju is troubling him a lot. Sanju thinks he has gone invisible and gives her a rose. Sanjana and Chedi can see Sanju, and act like they can’t see him. Sanju is confident that none can see him and can just feel him. He tells them that he is a superhero. Sanjana takes the flying rose from him. Sanjana fools Sanju and expresses her wish to meet any superhero. She asks Sanju how does he look. Sanju creates a pet name for himself, Ratman.

    Piyaa Albela:


    Bua refuses to do Pooja’s grah pravesh. Supriya gets keen to do her bahu’s Grah pravesh. Bua says just Surbhi is the bahu of this house, Pooja was eyeing the boys of this house, she is characterless, I will not bear her stepping in my house, she has trapped innocent Naren. She asks anyone to do Grah Pravesh of they want. Naren’s dad can’t believe Pooja cheated them by her games. He says I trusted her as my daughter and did not know she will play such games. Supriya and Naren support Pooja. Supriya asks other to get back if they don’t want to welcome Pooja. Bua does not want Pooja to succeed in her motives.

    Simran gets hurt in the kitchen. Rohan and Mannu worry for Simran. Simran tells them that Raj lied to her and got her hurt. Raj asks her why is she lying. Rohan and Mannu yell on Raj. Sakshi tries to create problems for Mannu in the Teej function. Raj throws a challenge to Mannu to show she is better than Sakshi, and more qualifying to become Bajwas bahu. Mannu takes the challenge, while Sakshi and Mohini plan to fail Mannu in the challenge.

    Chandrakanta gets the mehendi of Virendra’s name. Chandrakanta goes to her room to rest. She gets a surprise when Virendra comes to meet her. Virendra asks her to show the mehendi, if he goes, the mehendi will feel bad. He teases her. She asks him to leave. He refuses to leave. He says if I don’t see you for long, it will be injustice with my heart. She says once we get married, we will be together forever, none can stop him. Virendra says I can’t wait even for a day now. They have a romantic moment. Her dress gets the mehendi. She asks him to wait, she will clean her dress and come. He asks her does she care for her clothes more than him.

    Ragini does the Naagin dance to take revenge with her husband Anurag. She wants to give an answer to Anurag and trouble him. Anurag and Ragini find ways to trouble each other. Anurag and all Sadhu babasa dance on a filmi song. Anurag and Ragini’s tashan goes on.


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