High Five Spoilers

Tujhse Hai Raabta Bahu Begum Top 5 Spoilers

Shweta asks Neil did he get glad knowing about Avni’s honeymoon plan. Neil gets embarrassed and gets stammering. Neil is not clear of Avni’s feelings for him. He wants to avoid her. He says Shweta wants to make Ananya out of the house and planned this to send her away. Shweta says yes, I want to send her out in the mountains, it will be so romantic. Neil wants to get saved by their plans. Neil refuses to go. He did not have any such thing on mind and thinks how did this topic crop up. Bebe wants to send them to unite, but Shweta and Riya want to send them to create more misunderstandings between them. Riya is planning to break them away by sending Ali after them. Neil tells Avni that Neela has come here and she also suggested us to go out.

Anika and Shivay’s nok jhok irritate the goons. Anika says you can’t be quiet for a minute, you always show attitude. Shivay asks goons to stay away from is family and just talk to him. Goons threaten to shoot them. Anika does not get serious. Rudra too jumps in the arguments. Rudra says we are also fed up by this couple’s arguments, they got divorced but are still lovey dovey, they keep fighting. The scene get comical. Gauri thinks Buamaa can send the goons. Goon asks who is she. Gauri says she is Omkara’s Buamaa, she is against us since a while. Anika and Gauri’s guesses go wrong. The goons have come to get the baby.

Piyaa Albela:
The cooker blasts in the kitchen. Naren was present in the kitchen at that time, and gets hurt. Supriya and Pooja run to help Naren. They get worried seeing his hand burn. Pooja’s uncle worries for Naren, as Pooja’s kundli has a dosh. He thinks Anand has also died before marriage because of Pooja’s kundli dosh. He does not want Pooja to turn a widow. He thinks of alerting Pooja.

Soundarya is an expert in hypnotism. She follows Virendra. Virendra is worried because of her. She wants to control Virendra. She can make him do anything by her super powers.

Imli gets her anger out on Vivaan. Vivaan finds her frustrated. He talks to the baby and asks baby to tell his mum that he does not like Imli stay this way. He asks her to forgive him. He promises Imli that he will love her a lot and prove none can be best husband and best father than him. Imli’s heart melts. She finally forgives Vivaan.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Dadi does tilak rasam with Naksh. There will be marriage functions seen again. The wedding tracks are always grand and long running in the show. Naira does Naksh’s aarti and welcomes him for Tilak. Dadi gifts Naksh. Dadi starts impressing Naksh. She wants him to be happy, even if there is any doubt in his mind. Naksh is doing everything for Naira’s happiness. He has proved he is an ideal brother. Everyone showers rose petals on Naksh. Kirti is very happy. Dadi hurries to get them married. Kartik tries bringing Kirti and Naksh together in the dance. Naksh gets pampered by Singhanias. Dadi gets the marriage mahurat, that is within a month. She tells the mahurat to Naira and asks her not to say against.


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