Hostage drama to add up spice in Ishqbaaz


Goons enter Oberoi mansion. They point the gun at Shivay. Anika gets into an argument with the goons. The goons capture Shivay, Omkara, Rudra and the girls too. The brothers get into a fight, while the girls scold the goons. Anika and Gauri ask the guys to relax and leave the discussion to them.

Shivay asks Anika what will she talk, she is fighting. Anika asks him to be quiet. Goon asks them are they husband and wife to argue such. Shivay and Anika say they are divorced. They are not scared of the goons. Goons ask them to shut up. Anika says he asked you to shut up. Goon says if you don’t stop nonsense, I will shoot you. Bhavya is missing from the incident. Rudra feels if Bhavya was there, she would have single handedly managed all the goons. The situation makes him value Bhavya. Omkara and Rudra get cornered along with Gauri. Anika thinks Ragini has sent the goons and tells Shivay. He does not believe her. She asks the goon if Ragini has sent them. Shivay asks him to stop it. She creates a drama. Goon says Ragini did not send him. Shivay beats up the goon. Goons hold them captive and demand money. Keep reading.


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