Goenkas give Naksh a grand welcome in Yeh Rishta…


Naksh gets a warm welcome at Goenka house. Naksh has come to meet Kirti. Dadi has called Naksh home for some rituals. Naksh initially refuses to go, but everyone insists Naksh to go. Naksh’s grand welcome brings happiness. Dadi is very happy. Kirti too feels too happy seeing Naksh. Dadi says I have spoken to Naira, you will have same things as you have at your home. She welcomes Naksh. Akhilesh and Kartik lift Naksh and take him inside the house. Dadi says you are our would be son in law. Kirti gets shy and hides. Kartik sees Kirti stealing a glance and teases her.

Dadi wants to do the best for Naksh and Kirti. She does not ant anything to go wrong. Kartik gets Kirti and makes her sit with Naksh. The family sings a song and dance around Naksh and Kirti. Naira is happy feeling Naksh has given his nod by his wish. Kartik and Naira have a romantic moment. Naira tries to lift Kartik and drops him on the bed. Kartik thanks the bed for saving his bones. Naira asks him not to disturb him in her romantic talk. She tells him that Naksh and Kirti will be getting married in some days. Kartik says its all happening hurriedly, I m worried if things are same as we are seeing now. Naira asks him not to worry.


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