Naamkarann: Love triangle begins


Bebe apologizes to Avni for doubting on her. Avni asks her not to fold hands, being elder. Bebe makes Shweta apologize. Shweta thinks to make new plans to trouble Avni. Neil and Ani have some sweet moments. She thanks him for all his help and support. She thanks Neil for his trust. She apologizes to him. The two spend good time. She speaks her feelings. She tries to bridge the gap. She shows her trust in him, and asks him to sleep on the bed. Neil jokes he does not trust her and pulls her leg. Shweta tells Riya that she will insult Avni a lot, that she will be scared to come home again.

Shweta acts sweet in front of Ali. She apologizes to him. She asks him to find out who has framed Avni. Ali promises her that he will find out from DD. Dayavanti contacts Aman, who tells her that Avni has given him a new life. Dayavanti tries to pollute his mind. Aman does not listen to her. She begs him to meet her once. Ali does not want to get away from Avni. He goes to meet Avni and confess his love to her. Ali spots Neil and Avni together and hurts himself in anger.


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