Post misunderstandings, fun tracks to begin in Naamkarann


Ananya is trying to convince Neil for honeymoon. Avni thinks of the ideas that could work in her favor. She says I have to do this to get my relation with Shweta better. She wants to go with Neil as per everyone’s request. When she asks Neil, he refuses. She wants to have good saas bahu bonding. Riya tells Avni that she is feeling bad for her, how can Neil refuse for honeymoon, he did not care for her happiness.

Avni tells Riya that she has just agreed to go on honeymoon for Bebe’s sake. She clears to Riya that she is also not much interested. She tries to make Neil hear her conversation. She says even Neil does not know why I agreed, I m doing this for family sake. Riya makes a call to Ali and makes him hear everything. Ali says it means Avni is not happy and is doing this for Neil’s family. He realizes Avni and Neil’s relation will get strong if they go for honeymoon. Ali gets angry. Riya is trying to break Avni and Neil’s relation. Neil is happy and collides with Prakash. Prakash asks why is he so happy. Neil tells Prakash that he is his son and he will not agree to him easily. Prakash pulls his ear and asks him not to tease his bahu. Neil gets late for work and goes.


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