Shwetlana hatches a plan to kill Jhanvi in Ishqbaaz


Gauri’s mum is very happy for her good fate. Pinky meets Gauri’s mum. She insults Gauri and her mum. Gauri gives an answer to Pinky for her cheap thinking. Pinky asks them to enjoy the stay till they get the chance. Gauri does not feel bad and sticks to her morals. Shwetlana tells Tej that Jhanvi’s heart is very weak and they can take advantage of this situation. They make plan to give a shock to Jhanvi and kill her. Tej starts panicking Jhanvi.

Jhanvi sees Yamraj and gets a shock. She tells Tej that there was Yamraj in the lawn. Tej asks her to take rest. Dadi gets to see the cute baby and assumes baby to be a soft toy. The smoke alarm rings. Rudra takes the baby in arms and shouts to everyone to come out. Dadi gets a shock seeing a real baby at home. Ragini keeps on working to get Shivay’s attention. Shivay asks her to meet him. Anika tells him about the alarm. Omkara and Gauri have a moment, while they worry for each other. Omkara takes her outside. All the family members learn about the baby. Rudra tells everyone that Dadi is taking care of the baby right now. Dadi raises a question to know about the baby’s parents.


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