Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Ishqbaaz: Anika tells everyone that the baby is suspected to be either of the three brothers. Ragini gets revengeful against Anika, who spoiled her plan once again. Samar stops Ragini from her madness. He does not want Ragini to hurt herself. She wants Shivay’s love at any cost. She is tired of upsetting Samar. Samar consoles her. Everyone asks about the baby’s father. Shivay tells them that baby is an Oberoi, its their responsibility. He asks them why are they arguing and blaming each other if they are not asking them to face this problem. He wants to face the problem maturely and united. The brothers stop the doctor from getting baby’s blood. They cancel the DNA test. The brothers decide to raise the baby together.

Chandni gets a proposal from richie rich guy Pratham. Advay makes fun of the guy, who just measures every emotion by money. Advay asks Chandni if this is her choice, why does the guy’s money matter to her, as if she is fixing a price for herself. Advay thinks to change Chandni’s kundli by some way, so that Chandi and Pratham’s kundli does not match. Advay takes Murli’s help. Advay helps Chandni and tries to change her mind. She does not like taking his help. Advay stops the kundli match. Chandni tries to fail Advay’s plans. Advay gets Chandni’s kundli and feels he is the real Rahu of her kundli.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun gets into an argument with Mrs. Bhalla, who fights with her to show things are still like before. She does not sympathy with Shagun. Shagun gets irritated by her. Raman pacifies her. Everyone finds hard to accept Shagun at home. Aaliya blames Raman for making her lonely, by snatching her parents. Ishita gets hurt by Aaliya’s words. She asks her to stay with Shagun and know who is Mani’s culprit. Aaliya agrees for Shagun’s sake. Ruhi starts acting weird by hiding a big matter from family. She gets blackmailed.


Bebe apologizes to Avni for doubting on her. Avni asks her not to fold hands, being elder. Bebe makes Shweta apologize. Shweta thinks to make new plans to trouble Avni. Neil and Ani have some sweet moments. She thanks him for all his help and support. She thanks Neil for his trust. She apologizes to him. The two spend good time. She speaks her feelings. She tries to bridge the gap. She shows her trust in him, and asks him to sleep on the bed. Neil jokes he does not trust her and pulls her leg. Shweta tells Riya that she will insult Avni a lot, that she will be scared to come home again.


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