Ali falls in Riya’s web of lies in Naamkarann


Riya and Shweta call up Ali. Riya tells Ali that Avni does not love Neil, you can still get her, Avni is just yours. She feeds this in his mind. Ali thanks Riya for support. Riya asks Shweta what’s her plan. Shweta tells Riya that good people have conscience that stops them from doing wrong, so we have to keep pushing Ali towards Avni, its good Neil has refused to go on honeymoon. DD convinced Neil for the trip by telling him about the person they are finding for some case. Neil is still working on his case.

Neil and Avni leave for honeymoon. Neil does not wish to doubt on her, as she is making many efforts to adjust with his family. They have a romantic moment. Bebe and Shweta have sent them on honeymoon with different intentions. Bebe wants them to come closer, while Shweta wants them to get separated forever. Neil and Avni land in hotel and see the room well decorated. They get embarrassed and remove all the decorations. Neil clears the rose petals. They collide and share romantic eye locks. Riya and Ali have come there too. Riya has instigated Ali against Neil and Avni. Ali is angry on Riya as she has made that call to defame Avni and him.


Riya convinces him by her side of story. She lies to him that Avni is not happy with the marriage. She asks him to explain Avni to leave Neil. Riya succeeds in her motives. Ali thinks Avni does not love Neil and is helpless to stay in her marriage. Ali goes to talk to Avni, and sees Avni and Neil sharing a romantic moment.


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